NewChem's Location

NewChem: at the hub of chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the UK

We are located in North East of England, a region which is internationally renowned for its chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Our head office and sales operations are based in Durham, whilst our laboratories situated nearby in the centre of Newcastle. We are in the heart of one of the most dynamic regions in Europe where life sciences and healthcare are important parts of the local economy.

How our location benefits our clients

We have based ourselves in the northeast of England due to the core strengths of the region. These include science, research & development, and innovation, which support four key process and chemical industries:

  • Base and petrochemicals
  • Fine and speciality chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals manufacture
  • Biotechnology

Three Centres of Excellence in the North East help to 
co-ordinate and support the growth trends in these areas, further concentrating the depth of expertise, supportive infrastructure and strong industrial base around us.
We benefit from this expertise and infrastructure, not to mention the accumulation of talent, which is of great benefit to all our clients.