Chemical synthesis

NewChem Technologies has high-level technical
expertise in organic chemical synthesis enabling us
to offer an effective and innovative service.

We provide efficient contract synthesis to produce high-quality, high-purity complex organic molecules in milligram
to multi-gram quantities. We design novel routes as
well as using existing methodologies, as required.

Our experience spans many intricate synthetic assignments
and multi-step reactions. The elements which inform our
success in discovery are just as relevant in synthesis,
including expertise in chemistry, problem solving and
analytical capability. Delivery within deadlines and strict confidentiality are integral to our service.

We handle the very broadest cross section of organic synthesis requirements including:

  • Multi-step reactions
  • Metabolite synthesis
  • Stable isotope labelling
  • Chiral chemistry
  • Electro-organic synthesis
  • Amino-acid chemistry
  • Nucleosides and Nucleotides