We provide a highly-valued contract research service which is underpinned by breadth of knowledge and scientific rigour.

We operate in a participative manner and take an active involvement and interest in the science behind the original idea. Through working in this way, we are often able not only to assess the viability of the project at an early stage, but also to generate further suggestions with regard to moving forward and developing the prospect.

Think of it as a research collaboration. We keep you informed at every stage and help to generate ideas with you for each round of chemistry. It is very much an iterative process and our teams have the flexibility and acumen to see how the results of one stage might generate promising and unexpected leads.

Analysis is a critical part of the discovery process, and we have an impressive in-house analytical capability.

Our research discovery activities typically involve: hit-to-lead, lead optimisation, preparation of literature compounds, developing compounds for screening and more.