About NewChem Technologies

The History of NewChem Technologies

NewChem Technologies works with industry and academia to develop and deliver new breakthrough products in synthetic chemistry.
We work with a wide variety of companies in fields ranging from pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotechnology, veterinary science and agrochemicals.
We emerged as a spin-out from Newcastle University School of Chemistry and retains the culture of curiosity and intellectual enquiry inherited from our academic roots. At the same time we have built a reputation in the chemical synthesis industry for delivering results, meeting deadlines and paying strict regard to confidentiality.
The success of our business has developed in large measure through the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers. Over the years they have steadily increased their reliance on our business, which speaks volumes for the service we provide.

Our Company Growth

As a consequence of high customer satisfaction and return business, we have enjoyed steady growth in the synthetic chemistry sector. In 2008 we embarked on significant expansion, investing in new laboratories, additional staff and more state-of-the-art equipment in order to meet the increasing demand for our services.
We work collaboratively with leading players in industries from across the world, and are always looking for our next challenge.