HPLC and Chiral HPLC

We have a suite of Shimadzu LC-20A prominence HPLC systems. These machines enable a range of flow rates with variable temperature autosamplers (4° – 40° C) and column ovens (15° – 85° C). These factors ensure robust and reproducible analyses.

The HPLC services we offer include:

  • Purity analysis of compounds either as percentage purity or by the use of internal / external standards and calibration graphs.
  • Semi-preparative purification of compounds.
  • Dedicated high throughput methodologies.
  • Longer runtimes for separation of complex mixtures.
  • Development of both generic and compound specific methodologies.
  • Method validation of custom methods.
  • Various detection methods – photodiode array or UV-fixed wavelength detectors; refractive index (RI) available for analytes with poor absorbing chromophores.

Semi-preparative HPLC

Our semi-preparative HPLC capabilities allow the purification of compounds on milligram to gram scale to a much higher level compared to standard laboratory techniques.

In one example, a compound was prepared as a 45 : 55 mixture of diastereomers. Semi-preparative purification enabled the complete separation of the two diastereomers (Figure 1, one isomer shown).

Semi-preparative separation of diastereomers
Figure 1: Semi-preparative separation of diastereomers

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