Chemical analysis

NewChem Technologies places much stronger emphasis on in-house analysis than many other companies in our sector. The result is a highly-sophisticated, state-of-the art analytical facility.

Everything we do relies on high-quality analytical expertise to characterise outcomes. For that reason, we have invested heavily in our analytical resource, both in terms of people and equipment.

In addition to its use for our contract activities, we offer a standalone analysis and purification service.

We can purify crude or complex mixtures using our array of chromatographic equipment.

Our specialist equipment includes:

We also have traditional techniques such as IR, UV, mass spectrometry and Karl-Fischer titration.

From routine analysis to purification and characterisation of complex materials, NewChem Technologies’ Analytical Facility offers high quality confidential analytical expertise in all aspects of our service.

With in-house access to an array of specialist equipment, including HPLC with semi-preparative capabilities and LC-MS, plus a team of dedicated and experienced Analytical Chemists, NewChem can provide competitively priced compound-specific analysis and purification on a fast timescale in a professional environment.

Please contact us for more information regarding our Analytical Services.