Stable Isotope Labelling

NewChem Technologies has established considerable expertise in the incorporation of deuterium, carbon-13, nitrogen-15, oxygen-17 and oxygen-18 into drugs, drug metabolites, and other organic chemicals, with specialisation in high atom percentage isotope incorporation.

NewChem offers a bespoke synthesis service involving stable isotope labelling

Since its foundation in 2002, NewChem Technologies has offered a comprehensive contract service in the design of novel routes for the synthesis of compounds containing one or more stable isotopes.

Expertise in synthesis involving stable isotope labelling

A considerable number of elegant new synthetic routes to give labelled materials have been designed and executed by NewChem Technologies, starting from commercially available labelled starting materials. Compounds can be prepared as single enantiomers where appropriate and in very high chemical purity.

The company’s experienced team of organic chemists has the expertise to meet our customers’ requirements for molecules containing one or more labelled atoms. We are usually able to offer fixed price quotations but when needed, competitive FTE based contracts can be arranged.

Strict confidentiality is a key component of all our services and commitments to specified timeframes is also an integral feature.

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