Metabolites Synthesis

NewChem Technologies offers years of experience in the synthesis of novel metabolites. We are dedicated to ensuring your specific needs and expectations in this field are met to the highest standards.

Since 2002, the company has continued to follow its founding principle of providing creative molecular design, synthesis and supporting analytical services for its customers in the pharmaceutical and life science sectors.

Novel metabolite synthesis is a particular contract service in which the company has always specialised, a service that is carried out to meet exacting client specifications.

Experts in the Synthesis of Novel Metabolites

By contacting NewChem Technologies for novel metabolite synthesis, customers gain access to nearly 20 years of industrial experience that ensures the best possible service.
Our experienced team of organic chemists keep up to date with novel methodologies for compound synthesis including a specific interest in metabolites.

The synthesis of novel metabolites frequently involves multi-step reactions with increasing numbers of individual reaction steps. Initial milligram quantities are usually requested but we regularly scale our routes to the supply of multi-gram amounts when needed.

For analytical studies, novel metabolites containing stable isotopes are often required.
NewChem Technologies has gained a high reputation for the design of novel labelled metabolites containing one or more stable isotopes including deuterium, carbon-13, nitrogen-15, oxygen-16 and oxygen-17.

All the novel metabolite synthesis work which we undertake is carried out under strict confidentiality and is designed to meet our customers’ requested timeframes.

For further information in our novel metabolite synthesis service, get in touch to discuss your needs.

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