Multi-step reactions

The principal target for most of our customers is the discovery and subsequent development of new compounds for use in a range of product applications. As these compounds become more sophisticated, their chemical synthesis requires the design of multi-step reactions with increasing numbers of individual steps.

NewChem Technologies provides the highest level of expertise in multi-step reactions

From its foundation in 2002, NewChem Technologies has offered a comprehensive contract service in the design and development of novel multi-step chemical routes for the synthesis of sophisticated chemical compounds.

The company has an experienced team of organic chemists with knowledge covering a wide range of chemical reactions essential for application in multi-step synthesis.

In many cases, our customers have subsequently patented the novel routes which we have designed and developed for the manufacture of their products.

Your expert in multi-step reactions in organic chemistry

We are happy to provide contract services ranging from single target synthesis queries to full contract research projects over several months duration. To meet these varying requirements, we offer either fixed price quotations or competitive FTE based contracts.

Newchem Technologies provides efficient contracts to produce high purity, high quality complex organic molecules in milligram quantities of multi-gram. Also, for your synthesis including multi-step reactions, we ensure delivery within deadlines and strict confidentiality.

Strict confidentiality is a key component of all our services and commitments to specified timeframes is also an integral feature.

We also ensure a regular and personal level of communication of progress throughout all contract research projects. Our company owes its success to the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers, who do not hesitate to use our services on a regular basis for all their needs in organic chemistry

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